What exactly is a personal stylist?

A personal stylist is someone with a passion for fashion and the desire to help others look their best. My mission as a personal stylist is to help you define your personal style—and then help you achieve it with ease, so you look and feel fantastic every day. I want you to love what you wear.

Where do we begin to work together?

Our work together will start with an in-person consultation. I’ll ask you some questions and talk with you about your life—the things you love to do, the places and events you have to dress for, the colors and styles you love.

Can I share photos of celebrities I want to emulate, or outfits I want to try?

Of course! Email me images you like, or tear photos out of magazines to bring to our first consultation. We’ll find a way to bring those influences into your personal style.

What does it cost to work with you?

My fees vary on the kinds of work we do together. Use my Contact form to let me know what you’re thinking about, or just give me a call at 312-613-0922 to discuss all the options.

How long does the Closet Cleanse take?

Many personal stylists do in-home visits that take two or three hours. I prefer to spend more time with my clients, so the average in-home consultation for a Closet Cleanse is four to five hours. The extra time is so worth it because when I leave, your closet will look fabulous and you’ll have gained invaluable style skills.

Four to five hours for a Closet Cleanse seems long. Do we really need all that time?

We’ll be purging old items, trying on tons of outfits, re-organizing everything you keep, and more. In my experience, to get a complete cleanse we will need all that time. Don’t worry—we’ll take rest breaks, we’ll hydrate, we’ll have snacks, we’ll gossip about the latest celebrity news…whatever you need to make it a fun, healthy and rejuvenating process.

Do I need to pre-clean my closet for you?

There is no need for you to clean and organize your clothes; that’s a big part of what we’ll do together when I arrive. BUT I AM allergic to the world, so please shoo any dust bunnies away at least one day before our appointment. Thanks!

How do I schedule a consultation with you?

Use my Contact form to let me know what you’re thinking about, or just give me a call at 312-613-0922 to discuss all the options. For special event styling, please allow plenty of time for us to prep you for the big day!

Do you work with men?

Sure! Most of my clients are women, but I also love helping men get comfortable with their personal style.

What happens to the clothing I don’t keep after my Closet Cleanse?

I’ll bag everything you don’t want and take it with me, so you don’t have to worry about disposal. We’ll throw out any items that are dirty, in disrepair or are otherwise un-wearable. The rest will go to the charity of your choice, and I’ll provide a receipt for your tax deduction at year’s end. Also, I can recommend Consignment Stores for an unwanted items that are still in excellent shape.

Can I get a tax write-off for donating clothing?

Yes! When I drop off your items at the charity of your choice, I’ll get a receipt for you to use during tax preparation at year’s end.

I’m nervous. Is that normal?

Yes. And chances are, I’m probably nervous about our consultation too—because I want to do a spectacular job for you. Choosing to revamp your wardrobe, discard all the old things that aren’t working for you, and try on new looks (and new ideas!) can be an emotional experience. It’s OK. We’ll work together to make sure you have a positive and affirming day!

When you provide shopping tips for recommended essentials, can you also help me find bargains?

Oh, yes. I am a bargain hunter. I am queen of the sample sale! When I provide your list of recommended essentials, I’ll refer you to particular stores, brands and even (sometimes) specific items. I always share coupons with clients, and periodically I’ll let you know about big sales. Follow me on Twitter to get news about Chicago-area boutique openings, trunk shows, sidewalk sales and more.

If I buy items you recommend, can I try them on for you to see if they work?

Sure—I’m happy to schedule a quick fashion show to see how everything works!

Still have questions? Or ready to schedule?

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